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The Most Disgusting Project Yet

So, it turns out, the dead rat that the lady grabbed in the last video wasn't really all that bad in comparison to the rest of the mess we had to clean up under the hood of this Caprice. As I walked out of the shop doors to the site of Shawn blowing out the engine bay, the overpowering smell of rat piss and feces was nearly enough to make me call it quits for the 10am lol Luckily one of these stupid masks so many people are wearing was readily available and it helped filter out some of the stench and I was able to record the newest video.

The day ended up being a much longer one that we had anticipated. From much more clean out than first thought, trailer blow outs, and being unable to get the engine to spin over by hand, this barn find was starting to turn out to be less than awesome...

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