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Lil' Murder Nova's First Car

You ever hear of that sweet car that someone found in an old rundown barn? You know, the classic "barn find" that you always hear about, but it usually turns out to be a pile and it was sitting in the corner of dilapidated shop for a reason like, it doesn't run? Well this isn't one of those stories lol. This barn find was gold and is only going to get better!

Murder Nova and the Mrs. found this 1972 Chevelle sitting in an old barn that was about to fall down back in 2018 and drug it home to be their son Aidens first car. While he's only 14 (12 at the time of the purchase) he can race the car at our local track as long as Shawn rides with him. After his first outing last summer, Aiden decided this thing needed some more go. The following video is the first of many to come in an all new build series where we'll show you how this car transforms into, what will no doubt be, the coolest car in the high school parking lot!

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