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OG Murder Nova Still Makin Steam!

We get asked all the time "How much power does the OG nova make". We always figured it was somewhere in the 2500-3000hp neighborhood, but never really knew for sure. Well, now we know!

If you follow me on instagram, you might remember a promise I made to OG before I stepped in it for the second straight year of racing it at Outlaw Armageddon. I promised that if she took care of me one last time, that I'd make sure Shawn spent some money on her over the winter to freshen her up a little. Well, she did, so I did lol. The OG now sports a VFN carbon fiber front clip, one (lol) carbon fiber door, and we got rid of the heavy intercooler, made a smaller fuel cell, smaller ice tank, and lost somewhere around 200# in the process.

Along with the weight savings, we also swapped the ol girl over to VP Racing M1 from Q16. To do this, we had the old cast intake modified to accept 1 set of 225# Precision Turbo&Engine Injectors, and one set of 550# Precision Turbo&Engine Injectors well as sent out fuel pump to Aeromotive to be modified to flow 19 gallons of fuel per minute. We also updated the electronics by installing FuelTech FT600, FT Boost Controller, and FTSpark-8 with coil on plug.

In the following video, you'll see Shawn and myself head to Ball Ground, GA to let Luis at FuelTech work his magic on the laptop and see what this old cast iron block, conventional headed 572ci big block chevy with a set of Precision Promod 88's can throw down!

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