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On the Popper

One of the coolest parts of drag racing, is the flames. Whether it's from nitrous cars, turbo cars on the 2-step at the line, all the way up to the nitro cars and their 3 foot flames as they stroll down the 1000', it's definitely a crowd favorite.

Below is a compilation of 9 spool ups from Murder Nova from the last week including a couple Street Outlaws race nights, testing at the track, and more testing on the streets of the 405! 9 may, or may not seem like a lot of passes to some of you. It's actually a slower week for us. There's many weeks where we'll put 20+ passes on the car between getting prepared for race night, and the actual race night.

What actually causes the flames you see here? When Shawn stomps the gas pedal, the car goes to a predetermined rpm set in the FuelTech that's called a 2-step rpm limit. The 2-step cuts spark at the set RPM while continuing to deliver fuel. This causes raw fuel to go into the exhaust and ignite once the ignition comes back on at the given RPM. This basically creates a controlled backfire that gets the turbine wheel spinning faster than it would normally be spinning in the RPM range we want to launch the car. How about that? Droppin' a little tech for you guys there. NBD lol

Enjoy this weeks light show courtesy of Murder Nova!

Oh yeah; be sure to subscribe to the channel for more video's from 187 Customs COMING SOON!

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