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The Little "small block" That Could

A couple weeks ago, we decided a trip to Ball Ground, GA sounded like a good time. Ball Ground is home to the world famous Proline Racing Engine as well as FuelTech USA. Talks of switching fuels to fit more organized events had been going on here at 187 Customs headquarters so Shawn made the call to setup a dyno session at FuelTech.

The Thursday before we were set to head east a little routine maintenance took place. Mainly just changing the engine oil to make sure it was good and fresh. Once the 8qt Moroso pan was topped off, Shawn fired the the little 482ci small block up to let it warm up. Unfortunately the oil pressure gauge never moved off of 0. Upon closer inspection, we found the keyway that holds the pulley on the oil pump had sheared off. Now the question is; when did that happen? Taking a look back at datalogs, it appears we made our last test pass at Tulsa just a few weeks prior with no oil pressure. Yikes. If you follow our social media, you'll know that we then pulled the pan to find some burned up rod bearings. So the motor had to come out. Luckily our local machine shop is awesome and was able to get everything squared away for us the next day so we could slam it back in the car and get ready to head east!

Upon arriving at FuelTech's facility we were greeted by Luis and his team that was more than helpful in getting the car ready to bolt up to their hub dyno. In the video below, you can see all the action as Murder Nova and it's "small block" put down some KILLER numbers!

Why the switch to VP Racing Fuel's M1 after using M5 for so long? Well, Shawn has also decided to give No Prep Kings a shot to see where we stack up against the baddest steel body cars in the country! We'll see you all the Texas Motorplex in Ennis, TX for the season finale of No Prep Kings October 25-26!

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